February 11, 2020

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE VERY BEST OF BREAKFAST If there is one thing a Moscovite cherish more than anything, it's a long late breakfast, from beautiful bowls of granola to hearty hangover fry ups, loaded with calories. Breakfast in Moscow can be an experience! Be it as a romantic couple, with the whole family or good friends. We'll tell you where breakfast is most worthwhile in the capital! (All restaurants offer...

August 20, 2019


One of the favorite activities of the Muscovites on the weekend is to go to have breakfast.

Trendy Moscow now has a breakfast and brunch scene to rival its nightlife. 

If you're up and out early enough on the weekend, some places will make your morning.

There's nothing better than sipping coffee, crunching fresh bread, reading a newspaper and talking to the favorite people.

That's why we picked out...

July 29, 2019


Recently, the clean eating trend in Moscow has arrived. 
More and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle, and "Healthy Living" is no longer just a hashtag on Instagram. 


The gastronomy has also taken on the superfood trend, and Touch of Matcha located in Moscow City is the newest addition on the healthy restaurant sky.

It's a place in which one finds a wide range of food and drinks that do withou...

May 24, 2019


If you are one of those guilty of typifying Vegetarian and Vegan Food as bland, boring and uninspiring, a trip down to the new Food Court Broccoli at Taganskaya, on the second floor of ATOM shopping gallery, maybe just what you need.

Broccoli is the first food court for vegetarians and vegans in Russia!

The appetite whetting vegetarian and vegan dishes will surely make you rethink abo...

February 8, 2019

Life's too short to be munching on soggy cereal!

Moscow has some really fantastic breakfast restaurants and cafes, we feel very lucky to live in a city where there is so much choice.

If you are like us and like to enjoy, but you would like to dance on the healthier side of life, we’ve found the best places in Moscow for you to get your weekend breakfast fix.

Plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free, whatever your requirements, one o...

February 6, 2019

More than just a bowl!

Holy Basil Cafe is a revolutionary eatery specializing in healthy bowls (starting from 450 rubles), all day breakfast, smoothies, and much more. They provide a healthy, delicious, and fast meal option.

The healthy bowls at Holy Basil Café are a variety of tastes and a unity of traditions. Each of their bowls is unique in its own way, has its own character and nutritional composition. At the same time, they...

January 29, 2019

For maximum flavour and good health

In the summer of last year, the Choice Healthy Social Club opened.

It's a new restaurant for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle.

The main concept of the project is a tasty, and healthy food and the menu of the project is mainly based on the principles of the flexitarianism.

Choice is a pure-food haunt for vegans, flexitarians and everyone in between.

The ideologue of the project, Irina A...

December 17, 2018


Avocado Queen at Patriarch Ponds  is the new joint project of Arkady Novikov, Glen Ballis and Anton Pinsky with the concept of healthy well-being food, designer cocktails in a trendy enviroment.

The menu focuses on clear and healthy dishes with the avocado as the key ingredient of the restaurant concept.

It’s no surprise that avocados are people’s favorite fruit, with it exploding in popularity around the world, it’s...

October 5, 2018

Eat healthy, be nutrition wealthy... eat better, not less!

Not so many years ago, being vegan was about as fashionable as wearing white socks with sandals.

Now, of course, both are right on-trend. But hopefully meat-free eating will endure.

And numbers are rising.

Whether you’re craving soul food or creative sushi rolls, Moscow’s best vegan restaurants boast tasty fare that even meat eaters will want to order.

We’ve done the resea...

October 4, 2018

Nourish yourself!

Verde Cafe from the „Green Company“ is a plant-based eatery and wellbeing oasis.

They strive to find the most nourishing, inspiring ingredients including wild crafted and foraged foods from pristine eco systems, small organic farmers and ethical and local suppliers. 

Everything on their ever-changing seasonal menu is created to nourish your bodies, hearts and minds in the most delicious, creative and healthy way...

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