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April 25, 2019


Where will you find any self-respecting Muscovite in summer?

Up on the roof or on a nice terrace, that’s where!

Moscow does not lack institutions that will delight your desires of fresh air, views and greenery.

Moscow goes out is your guide to enable you to find the best restaurants in the capital  with an outside space, a magnificent panorama view or even a flowered garden!

Here’s our guide with so...

October 16, 2018

A uniquely spiced experiance

Restaurant Wonderful People (Замечательные люди) located on Ulitsa Il'inka opposite to Presidential Administration,  provides a gateway into Caucasian and Eastern cuisine and its best traditions.

Dmitry Ragulinwho who has worked together with Vladimir Mukhin at Restaurant White Rabbit is responsible for the menu and serves a variety of items, each representing a firework of culinary fantasy of Georgi...

January 9, 2017

Along the culinary Silk Road

OXUS Moscows newest Uzbek restaurant celebrates the melting pot of cultures in this corner of the east, offering traditional dishes with a contemporary touch.

Uzbek cuisine which is a significant part of their culture and tradition is known across the world for its mouthwatering flavors and fragrances.

Uzbekistan which is also an integral part of Central Asia has become one of the most sought after pl...

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