The best Italian dishes, ingredients and high standards – this is how the Guide Michelin recommends restaurant La Bottega from Geneva.

(Francesco Gasbarro)

The Michelin-starred restaurant is located in the heart of Geneva and brings Italian classics with an artistic twist of chef Francesco Gasbarro to its guests.

On the 5th of March Francesco Gasbarro and Sergey Andreychenko (chef of Sartoria Lamberti), will create a unique dinner to please their guests with an excellent and refined Italian cuisine to tell their Italian fairytale.

(Sergey Andreychenko)

For Sartoria Lamberti, brand-new gastronomic atelier owned by Uilliam Lamberti, the pop-up event with Francesco Gasbarro is the first big gastronomic event. For La Bottega – it's their first event of its kind in Moscow.

The choice was evident: both merge food and fashion in their way together—Sartoria by having collaborations with the most impressive designers, La Bottega, by inviting the world's best chefs.

Last but not least, both chefs have a passion and love for Italian cuisine and make it modern and trendy.

The dinner will start by a welcome drink, Hennessy ICE TEA, a fresh and light cocktail based on the famous cognac. The smooth character of Hennessy V.S.O.P. Privilege will emphasize the taste of the beef tartare with cheese mousse, and the harmonic and generous Hennessy XO will match perfectly with the veal, herb velouté, Jerusalem artichoke and raspberry sauce.

The dinner will be accompanied by mocktails based on the world's famous mineral water Badoit and Evian.


-Beef tartare and cheese mousse (Sergey Andreichenko, Sartoria Lamberti)

- Parmigiana di melanzane (Francesco Gasbarro, La Bottega)

- Crab, avocado sauce and truffle (Sergey Andreichenko, Sartoria Lamberti)

- Vitello Tonnato (Francesco Gasbarro, La Bottega)

- Scallops with fregola, parsnip and pear purée (Sergey Andreichenko, Sartoria Lamberti)

- Beetroot risotto and gorgonzola (Francesco Gasbarro, La Bottega)

- Veal, herb velouté, Jerusalem artichoke and raspberry sauce (Sergey Andreichenko, Sartoria Lamberti)

- Carnevale a Firenze (Francesco Gasbarro, La Bottega)

Cost per person: 7000 rubles Start: 19.30

Due to the number of limited seats, it is best to make your reservation today!

Address: Tverskaya, 3. The Ritz-Carlton Moscow Phone: +7 (495) 795-00-25