Housed in the famous five stars Hotel Ritz Carlton, Sartoria Lamberti's boutique ambience weaves a spell of charming intimacy.

Sartoria, which means "sewing studio" and it's the main idea behind Sartoria Lamberti, the first gastronomic atelier in Russia. It's the unique project of Uilliam Lamberti (Pinch, Uilliam's, Monti Fiori) and creative director of the restaurant Alexey Alekminsky ((Barba Mosca, Barberia numero UNO), where an Italian passion for food meets an Italian love for fashion.

Therefore thematic elements were included in the design, columns in the form of huge thimbles or cutlery with an elongated hole that looks like a sewing needle.

As you enter the restaurant, you'll see a small studio where a seamstress sews monograms on napkins for the guests, before amble passing the open kitchen and entering the dining space of contemporary elegance.

Exhibits of the Italian Fashion Museum on mannequins in shining showcases with Ava Gardner's dress from the movie "The Barefoot Countess" and Pierce Brosnan's tuxedo from "Die Another Day" catch the eye and herald the bold, innovative Italian/Mediterranean cuisine.

Sartoria Lamberti provides an excellent example of a stylish Italian eatery – modern, elegant yet friendly and dynamic. The contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere has helped to make "Sartoria Lamberti" within the shortest time a perfect Moscow social gathering place.

This place of Uilliam Lamberti seeks to be the home where eating is always a pleasure, with quality seasonal ingredients as the basis of tasty cuisine. Indulge in a multi-sensorial dining experience.

Signature dishes (from Head Chef Sergey Andreichenko) delight include: - Sea scallop ceviche (850 rubles) - Burrata tonato (1100 rubles) - Risotto with truffle and goat cheese (1300 rubles) - Rigatone with tomatoes and burrata (950 rubles) - Black tenderloin (2100 rubles) - Black truffle (800 rubles)

Breakfast is from 6.30 to 11.00, where guests can choose their favourite morning dishes on the buffet line or order something special from "the Chef" menu.

Furthermore, Sartoria Lamberti offers a special daily "Aperitivo" menu from 18:00 to 20:00, consisting of 4 different cocktails. This menu is changed every two weeks.

Expect sophistication and Mediterranean pleasure for the palate at Sartoria Lamberti.

Address: Tverskaya Ulitsa 3 - At the Ritz Carlton Hotel

Metro: Okhotny Ryad / Teatralnaya

Phone: +7 495 795-00-25

Picture source: Sartoria Lamberti