ZO BBQ & HOTPOT on Smolenskiy Bul'var is a new Vietnamese restaurant of Jinny and her co-owner Quang, inspired by the food culture of their home country.

The restaurant comes in a sober, no-frills style and the menu focuses on thinly sliced meat cooked on a „Yakiniku Grill“, an integrated table grill, served with Quang’s homemade dipping sauce, a pungent, spicy recipe made with lemongrass, lemon leaves and chilli.

The Vietnamese BBQ is ideal for those who like to try out many different flavours and have a particular preference for flavourful and spicy sauces.

Though the focus will be on grilled meat — as well as beef, pork, duck and seafood — the menu will also see their classic, umami-rich Hanoi-style pho bowls, rice bowls topped with grilled duck or pork belly and classic Vietnamese starters, including their much-loved Nộm tai heo, a fresh vegetable salad with thin-sliced pig ear.

Another highlight on the menu is the Asian hot pot.

It’s a social way of eating. Zo restaurant welcomes everyone to enjoy this most satisfying and communal of meals, with broths such as the one with freshwater crab, inspired by the regions of Vietnam and with over 20 authentic ingredients to choose from.

Zo brings a taste of culinary traditions from across Vietnam, using fresh ingredients they source most of directly from the country.

Food is at the heart of Vietnamese culture, and Quang’s curated recipes are designed with love, soul and passion.

Quotes from the menu:

  • Spring rolls with shrimps and mango (250 rubles)

  • Salat with chicken (300 rubles)

  • Hot pot for 2 per. starting from (1700 rubles)

  • Pho Bo (350 rubles)

  • Rice with grilled pork (350 rubles)

  • BBQ – Squid (300gr. 440 rubles), (Rib-Eye 200gr. 1400 rubles), pork ribs (250gr. 700 rubles)

Please note that as this restaurant does not have an alcohol license, only beer can be consumed as an alcoholic drink.

Address: Smolenskiy Bul'var ½

Metro: Park Kultury / Smolenskaya

Phone: +7 977 281-32-21


Picture source: Zo Instagram, 03052019 Instagram and Zo Facebook