BLOODLUST / Жажда крови


The team behind the new project Bloodlust on Lesnaya, the founder of Coffeemania restaurants Igor Zhuravlev and meat expert Pavel Potseluyev created a fuss-free menu with top-notch beef, excellent wines and moreish cocktails.

There's a great choice of meats from Russia, Argentina and Japan, with cuts ranging from Tomahawk (1110 rubles / 100g) and Picanha (510 rubles / 100g) to Yakiniku (Wagyu 3100 rubles).

Incidentally, Pavel can be considered the first meat sommelier in Russia - a person who combines the comprehensive knowledge of meat, who studies and improves preparation methods, experimenting with different cuts and talking fascinatingly about any steak.

Meat has long been considered man fuel. Raw, thick steaks and burgers all washed down with lager over the footy. But nowadays there's more than meat the eye when it comes to what is on offer in the capital.

Of course, meat plays the lead role on the menu of Bloodlust. In addition to steaks from Japan, Argentina and Russia, "Bloodlust" also includes steaks from fish, poultry, seafood or vegetables and other tasty dishes.

Quotes from the menu:

- Cauliflower steak (450 rubles)

- BBQ chicken with eggplants (490 rubles)

- Salmon tartare (850 rubles)

- Smoked pork ribs (850 rubles)

Share your animal instinct with a selection of the very best steaks and experience the different cuts, textures and flavours.

Address: Lesnaya Ulitsa 9

Metro: Belorusskaya

Phone: +7 499 272-13-55

Picture source: Жажда крови