Bittersweet is not only a unique taste - it is an attitude to life.

And bittersweet beats boring!

APR.L BAR is a new and unique venue at Bolshaya Tatarskaya, that reminds of the ritual of the Italian aperitif.

APR.L BAR is a place where visitors can experience a true Aperol Sprizz feeling, and it could become a place that welcomes new trends and rituals with a strong cosmopolitan influence.

Originally the Sprizz comes from Italy, from the Veneto region.

The recipe is very simple: take white wine or Prosecco, add the orange coloring Aperol liqueur, some soda water, orange zest and serve on ice.

It tastes bittersweet and - pretty name-giving - sparkling-fresh.

Are you eclectic and lively?

Your next stop should be APR.L BAR, the new meeting point of all Aperol Lovers!

The cocktail list contains more than a dozen special mixes on the subject of Aperol Sprizz.

This place is also a real eye-catcher with its bright orange décor, the large windows, and the flying David statue.

The menu by well-known Italian brand chef Mariano Valerio was created to surprise, without overshadowing the taste of the drinks.

That's why each dish fits perfectly with the bar menu of the institution such as the Italian bruschettas with grilled vegetables 310 rubles or the raw sea bass 440 rubles.

The sun shines here at every day and at any season!

Address: Bol'shaya Tatarskaya Ulitsa 5

Metro: Novokuznetskaya

Phone: +7 968 960-39-39


Picture source: APR.L BAR