This food court from Arkady Novikov, Boris Zarkov and Vladimir Mukhin occupies the entrance floor of the shopping center "Nikolsky Plaza" only a stone's throw away from the Red Square.

It seems that they have studied all Moscow markets, analysed all strengths and weaknesses and have considered it in the project.

Gastro market "Around the world" offers more than 24 restaurants and cafes with a mix of cultures, original concepts and relevant trends such as the „Bleeding' Plant-Based Burger“ from Beyond Meat, the hottest technology product from Silicon Valley, which is not a new app!

It's a burger that does not contain meat, but still tastes of meat!

We tested this new meatless miracle burger and loved how close the taste is to a real burger!

You will find this burger and of course other great ones at BUTCH or Burger Factory.

VOKRUG SVETA is a gastronomic journey!

Have Israeli shakshuka for breakfast, cross the ocean within 5 minutes to have a Hawaiian poke for lunch or if you’re feeling more sinful? Why not bite into an authentic American taco!

All good has to come to an end, so finish your culinary journey with a homemade Russian apple pie.

There is something for every taste and if you can not decide - No problem!

Vokrug Sveta gastro market (Around the world) has the multi-ticket to visit all culinary countries at the same time without leaving Moscow!

The menus are available in Russian and English

Follow this link to see some of the projects: http://vokrugsvetamarket.ru/corners

Address: Nikolskaya Street 10

Metro: Lubyanka / Teatranlaya


Picture source: Vokrug Sveta Facebook