I always thought that waste was a normal output of modern living, but it turns out to be very bad habit.

About 80 percent of all articles produced are used only once before being thrown away.

Everything we dispose of ends up somewhere else, in the sea, for example. There it gets into the food chain of sea animals as microplastic and thus - again on your plate.

Trying to go „zero waste“ in Moscow?

You will realise very quickly how difficult it can be to shop this way in supermarkets!

There is always something wrapped in plastic, sometimes even a single banana!

Changing the world for the better and reducing plastic waste has to be as easy and economical as grocery shopping.

Ditching disposable packaging is one of them.

Welcome to the Zero Waste Shop Moscow, which is officially a Moscow plastic-free zone.

All products in the shop are stored in glass jars and bulk dispensers.

Just bring your own cloth bag, glass bottle or jug, fill it up and pay by weight.

No packaging, no waste.

Followers of an eco-friendly lifestyle can buy cereals, flakes, as well as bamboo brushes and other eco-friendly products.

It seems that the Zero Waste shop is one of many new destinations of the kind across the world, as packaging-free goods are gaining more and more popularity.

Why you should try the Zero Waste Shop Moscow?

- No food waste - You can buy as much as you need

- No plastic - After shopping in this shop no plastic waste remains

- Price lower - It does not have to be paid for the packaging

Address: Ulitsa Novodmitrovskaya 1, S. 26.

Metro: Dmitrovskaya

Phone: +7 906 056 8712

Online shop:

Picture source: Zero Waste Shop Moscow & Plastic Ocean: A Film About Microplastics