Recently, Arkady Novikov, restaurateur Anton Pinsky, and the Australian chef Glen Ballis, whose collaboration for an exciting project such as Avocado Queen is well-known, have opened the second joint restaurant - the Magura Asian Bistro.

The word "Magura" comes from the Aborigine language and means "fish" - this is the signature of Glen Ballis, who has worked alongside Australia for many years in Southeast Asia and regards the cuisine of these regions as his passion and source of inspiration.

Influenced mainly by the Thai, Korean and Japanese kitchen, Magura offers an authentic culinary journey through South and East Asia.

They’ve recreated the flavours and aromas traditionally found at the eternally bustling street-markets of Bangkok, the BBQ restaurants of Seoul and the fish vendors of Tokyo.

Pan-Asian food is a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

Meals are beautifully presented and only the freshest ingredients are used.

Quotes from the menu:

- Crab salad with Thai mangoes and avocados (1100 rubles)

- Salad with crispy duck, shiitake mushrooms and roasted tomatoes (690 rubles)

- Crunchy eggplant with Thai sauce (590 rubles)

- Albacore tuna sashimi (690 rubles)

- The raw bar offers different seafood (crabs, oysters, shrimps, mussels and sea urchins from 270 to 890 rubles)

Magura’s creative menu offers colourful, tasty and exotic food to the discerning customers of Moscow.

The predominated combination of natural stones and wood in the restaurant, creates a comfortable and welcoming setting and invites customers to enjoy a fantastic experience, both in terms of the environment, and the exotic food on offer.

Address: Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya 10

Metro: Delovoy Tsentr

Phone: +7 495 739-69-81

Picture source: Novikov Magura