Tartare, oysters and cocktails!

The new restaurant TARTAR IT! on Petrovka Ulitsa is dedicated to one of the must-eat dishes of the capital, the tartare!

Steak tartare had to fight for years with a dusty image, and it's now celebrating its comeback again.

Hard to imagine in the menu from today, that this treat was not one of the culinary highlights.

Let yourself be surprised by the modern and stylish atmosphere of the new restaurant TARTAR IT!, and enjoy deliciously raw delicacies at the highest culinary level.

The fresh and fantastic cuisine designed by brand chef Nikita Novgorodov (formerly head chef "Nedalniy Vostok") lets you discover unique dishes that you have probably never tasted like this before.

Guests can choose from a variety of variations from the finest cuts of beef to sashimi-grade fish.

In addition to classics such as the classic beef tartare (720 rubles) served with a traditional set of ingredients (salt, pepper, capers, pickled cucumbers, Dijon mustard), there are also tartare from beef with horseradish meringue and quail egg mousse (720 rubles), the Norwegian salmon tartare (450 rubles) with Dijon mustard, sesame oil and tomato salsa or the tartare from the Crimean oyster with mango, avocado and blackberry caviar (600 rubles).

This restaurant, with its warm and stylish atmosphere, offers new taste sensations that will bring you the freshness of a summer holiday.

Address: Petrovka Ulitsa 15

Metro: Kuznetsky Most / Pushkinskaya

Phone: +7 901 342-66-94


Picture source: Pr.EM