FOREIGNERS / Иностранцы

Taste party in the mouth

Hardly any other opening of the last few months has been more appealing than the restaurant of Thomas Halpin, the former sous chef of Noma. (Noma has repeatedly been named the best restaurant in the world)

Restaurant Иностранцы / Foreigners is an innovative and dynamic restaurant, offering a revolutionary dining experience.

This restaurant is about breaking out: not from a prison cell, but from the box in the head, which carry many around with the food.

Halpin’s menu goes beyond geographical and creative boundaries, and Moscow is the ideal environment for that.

The menu reflects his creative fusion of culture and craft through its unconventional flavour combinations.

- Sakhalin scallop ceviche with green gooseberries (680 rubles)

- Grilled halibut with poached savoy cabbage and tarragon vinegar (1100 rubles)

- BBQ lamb shoulder with jus caponata, roasted baby potatoes and salad for two (2000 rubles).

The focus is on local ingredients whose composition are flavour maximization are the focus. The result is dishes that convey both meaningful and sensual messages.

Culinary as well as optical.

On the second floor, you satisfy all your drinking and party needs with the cocktails of Damir Stojkovic and uncover the unique interior while recalling the glamour of bygone eras.

Foreigners take his guests on a culinary journey.

Address: Tverskoy Boulevard 24

Metro: Tverskaya / Pushkinskaya

Phone: +7 910 445-89-99

Picture source: Own & Instagram Foreigners24