"Meat" Moscow’s best steak restaurants!

Crazy about meat?

Moscow is full of great food, but steak is still the undisputed king!

Since sanctions have influenced not only the political situation, believe it or not, it’s easier now for meat lovers to get first-class beef from local sources around the country in Moscow’s restaurants!

We've tried and tested the best steak restaurants in the capital, offering the premium cuts of meat, that melt in the mouth.

Vegetarians, look away now!!!

We've selected the best restaurants from American or Argentinian steakhouses to stylish Russian meat restaurants to find you the heftiest cuts of meat in the capital.


Butcher Steak House is a quality steak house chain.

Each of the six restaurants has a similar and comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy impeccably cooked juicy steaks or delicate seafood to your heart’s content.

Steaks here are loud, proud and flown in from around the world.

This place offers a variety of so-called alternative steaks like the Machete Steak 300gr. (2770 rubles) but you also get a nice filet tender steak made of grass-fed tenderloin beef from Uruguay 300gr. (2650 rubles).

All kinds of meats here are perfect, but we suggest the Russo ribeye steak, a marbled steak made of Russian beef 200 days of grain feeding 400gr. (3350 rubles).

- Malaya Dmitrovka 20 - Lubyanskiy proyezd 15 - Profsoyuznaya 66 - Tsvetnoy Blvrd 2

- Sadovnicheskaya 75

- Michurinskiy 2

Steakhouse 45 °/60 °

Restaurant 45 °/60 ° is located on Ulitsa Shchepkina, close to Prospekt Mira metro station.

Here, only quality runs through their veins!

At 45 °/60 ° they serve the finest steak, which has been carefully selected and which will be cooked to your personal perfection.

With their exclusive meat chamber, the optimum air circulation is provided with a temperature which is maintained to −1/–3 degrees and humidity at the level of 50–60%.

Steaks from the menu:

T-Bone 100gr. (700rubles)

Ribeye 350gr. (2900 rubles)

Filet Mignon 250gr. (2500 rubles)

Address: Ulitsa Shchepkina 31

Metro: Prospekt Mira / Sukharevskaya

Phone: +7 495 645-45-60

Ryby Net

Together with Miratorg holding, Arkady Novikov's restaurant Ryby Net is located at the back part of the St.Regis Hotel Nikolskaya.

You'll find in a pleasant and modern atmosphere a good choice of domestic steak but as the name suggests, no fish.

At Ryby Net they cater for the most dedicated carnivore.

It is without a doubt that this steak mecca serves up some of the heftiest cuts of meat in the capital.

Steaks from the menu:

Ribeye 100gr. (1150 rubles)

Filet Mignon 200gr. (2800 rubles)

Chuleton Rib Eye on the bone 100gr. (1250 rubles)

Address: Nikolskaya Ulitsa 12

Metro: Lubjanka

Phone: +7 495 258-42-05

Chicago Prime

Bringing the Chicago steakhouse to Moscow means dark-wood panelling, leather booths, a long bar, friendly and attentively staff and for sure best Black Angus prime beef (180 days corn fed) from the Voronezh Region.

After a visit to Chicago Prime, you will know why we have added this place to our list.

Chicago Prime offers an impressive menu of Prime grade well-marbled steaks cooked over a wood fire.

Steaks from the menu:

Filet Mignon Prime 250 gr. (3200 rubles)

Machete 200gr. (1250 rubles)

Ribeye 370gr. (3250 rubles)

Address: Strastnoy Blvd. 8A

Metro: Pushkinskaya

Phone: +7 495 988-17-17

800°С Contemporary Steak

The 800°С Contemporary Steak restaurant offers a unique „800 degrees“ oven, which is the first of its kind in Moscow. This oven reaches in a very short time the incredible temperature of 800 ° Celsius / 1500 Fahrenheit.

Due to the exceptionally high temperature caramelizes the emerging fat, flavour carrier, on the surface and closes the meat immediately. Under this crust, the juice remains in the steak.

This unique and tasty experience is hard to describe.

So try and judge for yourself! Because a good steak is worth a thousand words.

Prices start at 420 rubles per 100gr. and reach 3200 rubles for the most expensive piece of Japanese fillet.

Address: Bol'shoy Patriarshiy Pereulok 6

Metro: Pushkinskaya/Tverskaya/Mayakovskaya

Phone: +7 499 769-33-33

El Gaucho

El Gaucho is one of the most popular steakhouses that highlight the traditions of Argentinian meat and cuisine.

Waiters in national costume, creating a distinctive atmosphere of the life off the beaten track of Argentine gaucho cowboys.

El Gaucho continues to pay special attention to the unique characteristic of the product: the prime quality of the beef such as tenderloin, ribeye and other fine cuts of the select beef are shipped here from practically any corner of the world and of course they also offer a great selection of Argentine wines to accompany it.

We recommend to book a table in advanced so that you can enjoy the taste of Argentina and have a good time.

Steaks from the menu:

T-Bone dry age 60 days 100gr. (590 rubles)

Fillet steak 250/107gr. (1990 rubles)

Steak Chateaubriand 400/267gr. (3600 rubles)

Address: Zatsepskiy Val 6/13

Metro: Paveletskaya

Phone: +7 495 953-28-76


Arkady Novikov’s restaurant Bok on Petrovka Ulitsa boasts great value domestic prime steaks, which age right after slaughter for 21 days in a special fermentative camera to develop tenderness and flavour.

You can choose from a nice selection of steaks such as the Tomahawk 100gr. (750 rubles), Filet Mignon 100gr. (850 rubles) or the Ribeye 100gr. (950 rubles).

Address: Petrovka Ulitsa 20/1

Metro: Trubnaya or Kuznetsky Most

Phone: +7 495 625-26-06


Alexander Rappoport’s restaurant Voronezh is a chic butcher shop and restaurant in one and opened end of November 2015 in an old mansion oft he 18th century on Prechistenka street, opposite the Church of Christ the Saviour.

Voronezh is a stylish departure from a traditional steakhouse and is made for meat lovers.

The Russian first floor is the burger bar and the modern butcher shop with a casual but invigorating atmosphere.

On the second floor you can take a seat in Voronezh, the restaurant with spectacular views of the Christ the Savior Cathedral.

Meat is here the principal theme with a menu boasting over 30 cuts of steak.

The famous „Meat Club“ is located on the third floor of the restaurant, a place for real meat connoisseurs!

Steak from the menu:

Ribeye (2600 rubles)

Voronezh Prime (2900 rubles)

Machete (840 rubles)

T-Bone (3900 rubles)

Address: 4 Ulitsa Prechistenka

Metro: Kropotkinskaya

Phone: +7 495 695 06 41


CUT steakhouse on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street is a new venture of the il Forno Group and Henry Karpin.

The menu concept of the restaurant is built around steaks and other meat dishes featuring both classic and modern cuts.

All meat, originating from domestic farm providers is cooked in proprietary brand ovens at the temperature of 800°C (around 1500°F). Due to the exceptionally high temperature caramelizes the emerging fat, flavor carrier, on the surface and closes the meat immediately.

Steak from the menu:

Dry age Sirloin 100gr. (1890 rubles)

Top Blade 200gr. (1500 rubles)

Flank 200gr. (780 rubles)

Address: Bol'shaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa 14

Metro: Okhotny Ryad

Phone: +7 495 799-61-63​


Restaurant Горыныч / Gorynych „Three-Headed Dragon“ located on the third floor of the Central market is a project of the White Rabbit Family.

The concept of this institution is simple and hot, based on use of the furnace and the naked flame.

Gorynych managed to bring the idea of fire in a restaurant to the absolute.

In the open kitchen a Texas grill and a smoker are skillfully operated by the chef, to create simple but delicious dishes that will make your taste buds happy.

Here, they bake, frie and grill everything on firewood and coals.

Steaks from the menu:

Dry age Striploin on the bone 100gr. (790 rubles)

Filet Mignon 100gr. (1250 rubles)

Ribeye 100gr. (950 rubles)

Address: Rozhdestvensky Blvd. 1

Metro: Trubnaya

Phone: +7 495 937-38-11