The culinary wideness of Siberia

Pushing the door of #SibirSibir Restaurant at Hotel Azimut, is like you take a direct flight to Siberia.

With extraordinary attention to detail the distinctive interior surrounds guests with true Russian-Siberian life: samovars, kettles and teapots, quilted cushions and blankets, various pickles, and nesting boxes.

#SibirSibir's menu introduces you to the wide world of Russian cuisine in a unique way, to delight your taste buds.

With the Russian kitchen and the wonderful mix of the Russian North, the Soviet Union cuisine and modern cuisine inevitable connected with it, #SibirSibir offers the guest a unforgettable culinary experience.

The main emphasis in the menu is placed on the best products from all corners of Russia and includes dishes such as steaks from Karasuk’s beef, original Altai stew, rabbit ragout, the famous Siberian snack suguday.

Ice-cold vodka crowns the atmosphere and the wonderful ambience refreshes your soul.

The collection contains 740 bottles and it constantly updated with new exclusive varieties of vodka.

The cocktail menu emphasizes the idea of Siberian cultur and it is composed of trendy, stylish, delicious cocktails based on the Siberian berries.

Try a piece of Siberia.

Quotes from the menu:

- “Mimosa” salad with cold-smoked omul (640 rubles)

- Muksun filled in wine sauce with roasted grapes (840 rubles)

- Wild boar cutlets with corn mash (780 rubles)

- Four meats Siberian genuine pelmeni (580 rubles)

Address: Smolenskaya Ulitsa 8

Metro: Smolenskaya

Phone: +7 499 652-51-61


Picture source: Afisha