Chopsticks at the ready!

As the year of the pig begins, the qualities of luck, fortune and wealth.

Chinese New Year is a great excuse for a celebration and a meal out with delicious fresh and traditional Chinese food such as Dim Sum, Peking Duck and other treats.

Moscow’s best Chinese restaurants are worth celebrating whatever the time of year.

Explore our list of the best Moscow Chinese restaurants.


Stepping into Kitayskaya Zabegalovka, which means Chinese eatery, is like stepping into a small Chinese snack bar in a noisy street in the heart of Beijing - ironically, of course! Colourful waxed tablecloths and painting on the walls in combination with small Chinese lamps and pieces of flea markets brings the Beijing flair to Moscow.

At this place, you can enjoy traditional Peking Duck which is pre-marinated and hung up for three days, pork ribs and ears or Dim sums served in ten different variations if you're looking for a light bite to eat.

Address: Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 12 с1

Metro: Kievskaya

Phone: +7 495 803-33-04


Located on the 24th floor of the Holiday Inn Hotel Sokolniki, the breathtaking view from this new panoramic Chinese restaurant is the perfect accompaniment to your delicious meal.

Hong Kong is a melting pot of cultures and different nationalities.

That’s why Hong Kong is often called „Gourmet Paradise or World's Fair of Food“

At restaurant Hong Kong, chefs are taking care of the perfect fusion of the different culinary cultures.

Address: 24 Rusakovskaya - Hotel Holiday Inn 24th floor

Metro: Sokolniki

Phone: +7 495 544-55-50


Soluxe Club, a luxurious yet charming fine dining establishment, has a menu of traditional Chinese recipes.

That statement may be an oversimplification of this fantastic restaurant though: the interior, richly decorated with ornate and opulent modern art plus unique fixtures, makes it difficult to focus on what’s on your plate, while the food itself is without question both elegantly presented and tasty.

The food is as stylish as it's taste.

Do try their Peking duck - the skin of the duck was delicious and crispy.

Address: Kutuzovsky Ave, 2/1, стр. 6

Metro: Kievskaya

Phone: +7 495 785-77-70


Alexander Rappoport's restaurant China Gramomata was the first restaurant in Moscow to serve contemporary Chinese food.

Chef Zhang Syanchen, an expert in Guangzhou cuisine, one of the best-known culinary traditions in Canton, specializes in preparing classic dishes with an original, modern touch.

Do try their beef with caramelized carrots and their tasty crab in oyster sauce.

Address: ul. Sretenka, 1

Metro: Sretensky Bul'var / Chistye Prudy

Phone: +7 495 625-47-57