Azerbaijani jewel

At Almaz, the newest restaurant of Arkady Novikov, Azerbaijani old World traditions come together with modern influences and exotic flavours.

Here you will be taking a bite out of that history.

Restaurant Almaz which means diamond, is named after the chef from Baku Almaz Aliyev, who promises to serve guests the best kebabs and lyulas in the city.

Almaz Aliyev, relies on tasty food that is timeless in Azerbaijan, rich in flavour and famous for its authentic ingredients.

Located on the culinary crossroads of Europe and Asia and their cultures, Almaz offers not only traditional Caucasian dishes but also dishes belonging to the cuisines of different nations, favoured by everyone.

The menu includes 10 types of kebabs (around 590 rubles), 5 types of grilled lyula (around 370 rubles), ajapsandali, hummus with vegetables, baba ganoush, and rich soups such as kyufta (430 rubles), borsch and fragrant kharcho (390 rubles).

Fine wines from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, France and the New World as well as authors liqueurs with red currants, tarragon, pomegranate, quince and apple complete the dishes.

Almaz is a family restaurant that has been decorated in the best traditions of the southern hospitality and is supplemented on the weekends by pleasant live music.

Address: Ulitsa Usacheva 26 - Usachevsky market

Metro: Sportivnaya / Frunzenskaya

Phone: +7 499 530-83-20

Picture source: Almaz Novikov