Avocado Queen at Patriarch Ponds is the new joint project of Arkady Novikov, Glen Ballis and Anton Pinsky with the concept of healthy well-being food, designer cocktails in a trendy enviroment.

The menu focuses on clear and healthy dishes with the avocado as the key ingredient of the restaurant concept.

It’s no surprise that avocados are people’s favorite fruit, with it exploding in popularity around the world, it’s clear that there’s a huge health movement going on.

Some may say eating avocados are a trend, but trends die out, except, this isn’t one.

What’s going on here is beyond that, something with an enormous capacity, a global movement, and that is a lifestyle. Eating good, and eating right.

Avocado Queen only use the freshest ingredients, obtained locally, daily and responsibly to serve to their customers with a well rounded menu consisting of vegan, vegetarian, and meat and seafood items.

Quotes from the menu: (Vegan/Vegetarian friendly)

Salmon with Avocado Cream and Wasabi (890 rubles)

Sheppard Avocado Salad (750 rubles)

Baked Sweet Potatoes with Avocado Cream and Wild Rice (550 rubles)

Baked avocado with truffle (650 rubles)

BBQ Chicken (690 rubles)

Avocado Ice Cream (250 rubles)

Smoothies starting from (200 rubles)

Address: Ulitsa Malaya Bronnaya, 20

Metro: Tverskaya / Pushkinskaya

Phone: +7 495 609-09-38


Picture source: Novikov