Flavours of the sea and parties on the weekends

Magadan is a fish and seafood restaurant with a caviar bar located on the territory of Badaevsky Zavod serving a selection of the finest seasonal oysters, and a gourmand assortment of seafood from Magadan, Murmansk, Russian Far East and other Russian fishing areas.

It’s the place where the freshest flavours of the sea shine and where 4 types of caviar can be enjoyed.

The bar, which is open until late, is offering a drinks menu featuring both classic and inventive cocktails.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Magadan are hosting live concerts and parties until 6am!

Quotes from the menu:

Pink shrimps on the grill 100g (350 rubles)

Risotto with scallops and truffle oil (1300 rubles)

Black sea herring (550 rubles)

Address: 12/1 Kutuzovskiy Prospect

Metro: Kievskaya

Phone: +7 495 803-32-46

Picture source: Magadan Restaurant