A real Zurich institution

The Lobster & Oyster Bar inside the iconic Hotel St. Gotthard in Zurich has been serving gourmets, tourists and diners since 1935 delicacies of seafood.

To this day the original decoration has been preserved and images of famous movie stars and politicians who have already graced the Lobster & Oyster Bar adorn the Celebrity Wall.

It’s the place to revel in the delicacy of French cuisine and seafood if you’re searching for cozy elegance.

The Hummer- & Austernbar may not be near the coast, but they have managed to recreate Brittany in Zurich.

Seafood is always of the highest order, but as the name suggests, lobster is this joint’s raison d’être.

A genuine prince has declared the kitchen of this Zurich institution to be his kingdom!

The signature dishes of new and talented Chef Moritz von Hohenzollern, include fresh steamed lobster with champagne sauce and broccoli (89 Sfr.) or the lobster salad with mango, avocado and a lobster scissors half fried with tempura dough (42 Sfr. or 82 Sfr. with a whole lobster).

But his most inventive dish is simple but also brilliant - the “Gin oyster”.

As the name betrays the raw oyster is served with Gin and cucumber (You can choose between Fine de claire No2 7 Sfr., Belon 0 8 Sfr. and Belon 000 12 Sfr.).

Certainly no bargain but their gastronomic excellence is unrivalled!

The concept of Moritz von Hohenzollern is to spoil the visitor with classics and a fresh breeze of new dishes.

Hummer- & Austernbar Zurich – a genuinely fresh dining experience.

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 87 - Zurich, Switzerland

Phone: +41 44 227-76-21