A uniquely spiced experiance

Restaurant Wonderful People (Замечательные люди) located on Ulitsa Il'inka opposite to Presidential Administration, provides a gateway into Caucasian and Eastern cuisine and its best traditions.

Dmitry Ragulinwho who has worked together with Vladimir Mukhin at Restaurant White Rabbit is responsible for the menu and serves a variety of items, each representing a firework of culinary fantasy of Georgian, Uzbek, and Eastern delicious dishes.

Everything from delicious kirkma kebab, halal tomahawk steak 440 g (1790 rubles), Caucasian mountain trout with stewed vegetables (700 rubles), khachapuris to flavorful rice pilaff and much more.

The dishes are prepared with only the highest quality halal meats from organic mountain regions of the Caucasus region.

The cozy and stylish atmosphere of Wonderful People, with walls which are decorated with mosaic from red bricks of the 17th century, will transport you into the exotic world of the East, where different cuisines blend into a unique flavor.

Stop in for a uniquely spiced experiance.

Address: Ulitsa Il'inka 13

Metro: Kitay-Gorod

Phone: +7 495 606-68-93

Picture source: Wonderful People