The Georgian way of life

The Georgian wine bar Megobari on Ulitsa Maroseyka is a project of the Guliani Group group.

Megobari comes from the Georgian and means as much as friend.

This place brings the authentic Georgian dinning experience directly to Moscow and offers an eclectic variety of Georgian dishes including hand-made baked goods, meat stews, kebabs platters, as well as a wide variety of wines from the mountains of Georgia.

Their goal is to bring you the best from the mighty country of Georgia in a way that it will tease your palate and introduce you to a whole new cuisine.

Quotes from the menu:

Eggplant rolls with walnut and spices 200g (390 rubles)

Imeruli khachapuri (L 390 rubles XL 470 rubles)

Khinkali with beef 85g (60 rubles)

Pork neck shish kebab 200g (450 rubles)

Dolma with beef 200g (450 rubles)

Address: Ulitsa Maroseyka 15

Metro: Kitay-Gorod

Phone: +7 905 700-40-07

Picture source: Megobari Facebook