Eat healthy, be nutrition wealthy... eat better, not less!

Not so many years ago, being vegan was about as fashionable as wearing white socks with sandals.

Now, of course, both are right on-trend. But hopefully meat-free eating will endure.

And numbers are rising.

Whether you’re craving soul food or creative sushi rolls, Moscow’s best vegan restaurants boast tasty fare that even meat eaters will want to order.

We’ve done the research and picked Moscow’s 8 best vegan spots (from restaurants, cafes, snack bar to online shops) where you’ll find the perfect plant-based comfort food.

Verde Cafe

Verde Cafe from the „Green Company“ is a plant-based eatery and wellbeing oasis.

They strive to find the most nourishing, inspiring ingredients including wild crafted and foraged foods from pristine eco systems, small organic farmers and ethical and local suppliers.

Everything on their ever-changing seasonal menu is created to nourish your bodies, hearts and minds in the most delicious, creative and healthy way you can imagine.

Address: Kutuzovsky Prospect 36

Metro: Kutuzovskaya

Phone: +7 499 350-96-44

Ra Family

Located at the RA fitness center near the Mayakovskaya metro station, RA Family is the second branch of St Petersburg's raw food restaurant.

The menu is very varied and includes raw variations on pizza and pasta, burgers, falafels and soups. Going to RA Family restaurant you will discover so many creative presentations and ways on how to use raw ingredients.

Address: Trekhprudnyy Pereulok, 11/13с2

Metro: Mayakovskaya / Pushkinskaya

Phone: +7 495 142-39-22

Vkus & Cvet

This healthy food cafe offers a tantalising 100 per cent plant-based menu.

Open from breakfast all the way through to early dinner, Vkus & Cvet bases its menu on seasonal ingredients.

This all-vegan run cafe in the heart Moscow has plenty of great tasting, high quality and healthy.

The menu is international-themed, so there’s something to keep everyone happy - from pizza and salads.

Address: Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Ulitsa 36

Metro: Dmitrovskaya

Phone: +7 800 770-70-28

Mox Green Gastronomy

Mox green gastronomy is a small vegan food corner located on Danilovsky Market, where sustainable and healthy food that is naturally good for you is provided.

They serve the best quality vegan food from different countries and by embracing seasonal eating and enjoying locally grown produce, they feel inspired to create new delicious, nourishing meals.

This vegan spot serves customers the highest possible vegan and organic quality possible at reasonable prices.

Address: Danilovsky Market, Mytnaya Ulitsa 74

Metro: Tulskaya

Phone: +7 916 814 31-80


Located on Starovagankovskiy pereulok, this organic cafe feels like a secret vegan hideaway.

The cozy, welcoming restaurant overflows with fresh ingredients which celebrates different cuisines of this world: delicious seitan vegan burger, pizzas and other delicious dishes.

Address: Starovagankovskiy pereulok 19с3

Metro: Arbatskaya / Borovitskaya

Phone: +7 968 702-30-99

Chips'n' Kale Snack Bar

Chips'n'Kale is a snack bar selling vegan-raw snacks inside library Bukvodom, in the park of Sokolniki.

Find fruit chips, veggies with superfoods, raw sweets, organic handmade chocolate.

Snack yourself healthy!

Address: 5-Y Luchevoy Prosek, 1

Metro: Sokolniki

Happy Vegan Shop (Online Supermarket)

Moscow's 100% Vegan Online Supermarket. This plant based online supermarket, is a tasty and healthy grocery store for vegans.

The majority of their goods have BIO and organic certificates which say that these products are made of the natural raw materials which weren't undergoing any chemical processings and grown up in clean, fertile lands of ecofarms and settlements.

You can find more vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants here:

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