Nourish yourself!

Verde Cafe from the „Green Company“ is a plant-based eatery and wellbeing oasis.

They strive to find the most nourishing, inspiring ingredients including wild crafted and foraged foods from pristine eco systems, small organic farmers and ethical and local suppliers.

Everything on their ever-changing seasonal menu is created to nourish your bodies, hearts and minds in the most delicious, creative and healthy way you can imagine.

The «Green Company» is the only one throughout Russia dealing not just with cooking, but manufacturing RawVegan food and goods.

They are also the only ones in Europe, working with plant food fermentation technology, which allows us to create a unique product. Fermented foods contain essential vitamins and minerals for your body needs, «good» bacteria, «live» enzymes and amino acids.

A visit to Verde Cafe is for sure a fresh and unique dining experiance.

Quotes from the menu:

Turmeric Risotto (450 rubles)

3 humus set (350 rubles)

Tar-tar Thai style (350 rubles)

Tempeh with eggplantcream (600 rubles)

Food delivery available!

Address: Kutuzovsky Prospect 36

Metro: Kutuzovskaya

Phone: +7 499 350-96-44

Picture source: Verde Cafe website and Instagram