Today I would like to write about my experience with the detoxifying juice program of 365detox.ru.

Since a few years, detoxing became more and more popular.

The first time I heard about detoxing with only drinking juices, was about five years ago.

In several lifestyle magazines I had read about this DETOX miracle.

To be honest, it sounded almost too good to be true!!!

Drinking only freshly and raw squeezed veggie and fruit juices will purify and detoxify my body, give my skin a healthy glow and boost my immune system?!

I was so curious, I had to try it!

I decided to take my first adventure of the world of juicing last summer by trying a 3-day THE SUPER pressed juice cleanse from 365detox.ru.

Preparation is half the battle!

Important is to pre cleanse.

Try to minimize at least 2 days before you start the cleanse program with consumption of meat, cheese, alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes or even better, omit it!

Day 1-3: You start the day with a small "immune" shot before 8 o'clock, followed by 7 juices every two hours.

You're only allowed to drink the juices and a special detox tea or a little shot of lemon juice mixed with still water, that comes together with the program.

Day 1 was no problem at all for me, as the juices were filling and tasted delicious.

Day 2 was a bit tougher, the first green juice wasn't as yummy as on the first day and I was dreaming already of a tender steak... But I didn't wanted to fail! JUICE OR LOSE!

Day 3, also the last day of this journey, was astonishingly positive!

I was full of energy, my skin was tight and had a healthy glow!

A friend of mine who did the 5 day program lost incidentally 5 kilos in these 5 days.

For me it was a great experience with nice side effects and I detox at least every 3 month!

If you like to try 365detox.ru, you can buy order it online: www.365detox.ru

1 day SUPER cure cost 2300rub

1 day PRO cure cost 2300rub