Welcome to J’Pan!

J’Pan is a small Japanese bistro with a new direction of Yoshoku cuisine.

“Yoshoku” is the name used for dishes imported from foreign countries (such as America, India, Italy, France, etc.) which have been modified to fit the Japanese taste, becoming a part of Japanese cuisine.

The menu is a mix of Japanese home-style traditional and yoshoku cuisine.

The bistro opened doors in July in the center of the capital on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, which has become for the last couple of years a serious gastrocluster.

J’Pan presents a great collection of gastronomic "souvenirs" from the busy corners of the country of the rising sun, to create their little Japan in the center of Moscow.

Cheesecake from Osaka, Wagashi traditional Japanese confections from Kyoto, Okonomiyaki (also called Japanese Pizza) from Hiroshima, Donburi from Tokyo, wafers in the form of taiyaki fish and popular cheese-tarts that are sold in Tokyo right at the entrance to the station of Akihabara.

The interior is presented in the style of ​​Japanese minimalism, focusing on straight lines, simplicity and naturalness with ornaments and lots of wood and light.

Two open kitchens, one of which is located right in the customer service area, allows you to watch the fascinating process of cooking Japanese baked goods and dishes.

The menu starts with breakfast, which includes Japanese omelettes - omuraisu filled with rice 420 rubles or sweet tamago 250 rubles.

Quotes from the menu:

- Salad with crispy eggplant and tofu 350 rubles

- Pork with Chinese salad with yuzu and thinucato sauce 400 rubles

- Katsu curry with pork, tonkatsu and curry sauce 450 rubles

- Vegetarian Vegadon with shiitake mushrooms and shimeji 350 rubles

- Cotton cheesecakes 200 rubles

Special features:

After 20:00 - 40% discount for products from the refrigeration showcase

After 20:00 - 20% discount for desserts

Breakfast: Mon-Fri until 12:00, Sat-Sun until 14:00

(Pancakes from the breakfast menu are served all day)

J'PAN also offers a mini-market with Japanese dishes and products such as rare tea and sweets.

Address: Ulitsa Trubnaya 21

Metro: Trubnaya

Phone: +7 499 455-02-47


Picture source J'Pan Facebook