A culinary blast

Situated in between Tverskaya and Patriarch Pond – Neo bistro Tilda Food & Bar is the joint project of the three friends Lera Shulyumova, Valerie Abel and Pavel Kazmin.

It combines European cuisine with the subtleties of Asian flavours and creates mouth-watering and unique dishes.

Malaysia is one of their primary sources of inspiration – as you can find a lot of gastronomical influences and traditions all in one country.

Pavel Kazmin, who masterminds the kitchen, brings his magic touch and ensures that the dishes are unique, perfectly balanced and utterly delicious.

The food is prepared with freshly sourced, high-quality ingredients and presented with beautiful simplicity in the modern rustic surround.

Tilda is about providing delicious comfort food packed with flavour in relaxed surrounds while delivering exceptional value.

Guests of Tilda are also able to enjoy a nice wine assortment with even rare positions from small wineries.

The changing menu offers around 30, dishes such as:

- Chicken wings „Lollipops style“ with cabbage aioli 420 rubles

- Salmon carpaccio with sesame and orange dressing 690rubles

- Scallops Crudo with mango and chilli 650 rubles

- Pork ribs with lemongrass and oyster sauce 690 rubles

- Scallops with green curry and crunchy spinach 690 rubles - This dish has sent us mentally back to our last Thailand vacation!

Try one of Tilda's reasonably priced lunch menus.

The „Menu du Jour“ costs 490 rubles for two courses or 590 rubles for three, and you get 20% discount on the drinks.

Take a break from the usual by joining them in their small, intimate space - where Tilda cooks with a lot of emotions.

Address: Sytinskiy Pereulok, 5

Metro: Tverskaya

Phone: +7 916 402-70-49