A symphony on the plate

SAVVA is located in the very heart of the capital, just a stone's throw from the Red Square, on the ground floor of the legendary Hotel Metropol.

The restaurant is named after the hotel's founder, famous Russian benefactor Savva Mamontov.

In a historic room inspired by the time of the tsars and with its sumptuous ceiling paintings, you can enjoy Andrey Shmakov’s creativ cuisine with authentic products from all over this vast country, which is appreciated by gourments of the city.

The exquisite menu includes more than 30 new dishes.

Each a symphony on the plate.

Quotes from the new menu:

The stuffed tomato 790 rubles

One of the most laconic and beautiful dishes of the new menu.

The tomato is blanched and filled with stracciatella cheese, stacked on a pillow from fresh spinach, spicy greens sauce and garnished with dehydrogenated tomato.

Vegetables salad 770 rubles

The main ingredient of this salad –the vinaigrette Which is served as ice cream, accompanied by lettuce leaves, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, lemon oil and horse-radish cream.

Stewed duck pelmeni 1180 rubles

Stewed duck in combination with foie gras, baked pear puree, kohlrabi, duck broth with black truffle and fennel.

Duck 1450 rubles Fillet of duck with young carrots, apricots, blackcurrant, duck broth and smoked cheese sauce.

Roast beef 1080 rubles

A look at the burger through the prism of the haute cuisine. Crispy buns are made from potato dough, cutlets are replaced here with roast beef slices, and wine, thyme and ghee are mixed to underline the dish.

SAVVA also has the bonus of a spacious flowered terrace overlooking the Bolshoi Theater.

In addition, the restaurant welcomes visitors of the World Cup with great wines, local craft beers and of course, the broadcast of football games on the big screen!

Address: Hotel Metropol Teatral'nyy Proyezd, 2

Metro: Lubyanka / Teatralnaya

Phone: +7 499 270-10-62

Picture source SAVVA and own