Korean street food

Welcome to K-Town!

K-Town is another little Korean snackbar of Alexander Kan in partnership with Iliodor Maracha, located at the central market in Rozhdestvensky.

The aim is to showcase traditional Korean street food at its best.

Here you can choose one of the „fire“ BBQ options, slurp a pot dish or indulge in their tasty signature Korean-style noodles.

Everything is fresh and they know how to tempt in more than a few hungry diners.

K-Town mixes the best dishes of the Soviet Korean, South Korean and Pan-Asiatic cuisine and serves a range of snacks, soups and noodels marinated with authentic Korean flavours.

Quotes of the exciting menu:

1)Bulgogi / fire meat: thinly sliced or shredded beef marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sugar, green onions and black pepper, cooked on a grill. Bulgogi literally means "fire meat".

Variations include beef (550 rub) chicken (450 rub)

2) Hae-mul-tang soup is served as a main course or alongside a meat course.

It contains a variety of small mussels, shrimps, squids and vegetables, seasoned with gochujang, red pepper paste.

A real burst of flavours!

The soup is served with rice (380 rub)

3) Kimbap (like Japanese maki) is a very popular snack in Korea

and a must try dish! (220 rub)

4) Deep-fried crispy squid tentacles (380 rub).

Korean food is more than just kimchi!

Address: Rozhdestvensky Blvd. at the Central market

Metro: Trubnaya

Phone: +7 495 908-62-44


Picture source: K-Town Facebook