Fresh from the sea

Ryba Mechty / Dreamfish is a newly opened fish and seafood restaurant located at Sadovnicheskaya, designed especially for fish and seafood lovers.

Providing the freshest and highest quality seafood from Far East, Ryba Mechty / Dreamfish is delivering the finest dining experience possible.

You will find a wide variety of fresh fish, 4 types of crabs and other seafood delicacies.

The sea has it all!

It’s a world of diversity, colour, strangeness and beauty.

Its flavours are what Ryba Mechty / Dreamfish celebrates.

South Korean born chef Sang Keun Oukh is international extensive experienced.

He left the best college of cook art in Japan „Tsuyi“ and worked for prestigious restaurants in Tokyo, Osaka and London.

With Sang Keun Okuh's exquisite spirit, stunning seafood dishes like shrimp ceviche with cucumber and red caviar 480 rubles which are profound in their simplicity, he's bringing out clean, startlingly robust flavors.

With a stylish modern flair this place is sleek and welcoming and it's well worth the jaunt.

Quotes from the menu:

Far East fish and seafood soup 400 rubles

Perch on the grill 100g / 300 rubles

Pineapple carpaccio with sorbet 490 rubles

Address: Sadovnicheskaya ulitsa 57

Metro: Paveletskaya / Taganskaya

Phone: +7 (495) 127-08-88


Picture source: Dreamfish Facebook