Mussels in the title role

At the beginning of February, restaurant Mollusca opened on Patriarch ponds.

Serving beers from around the world (more than 200 grades of the bottle and 16 grades of draft beer), including rare grades, such as the Norwegian Nøgne ø beer - Mollusca on Bol'shoy Kozikhinsky pereulok also serves a mixture of Italian traditional dishes, seafood and of course, culinary experiments with mussels in the title role.

The concept of Mollusca is under construction around the main product - mussels in 27 variations are presented in the menu.

For example, you can get on the main menu mussel with tom-yam sauce - intense flavours complementing the sweet shellfish.

Mollusca also has an extensive wine list so that you can wash your mussels down with a great selection of wines from around the world.

It is said that mussels are the freshest during the months with an ‘R’ but this is just a rough approximation and may change each year.

So that means that February is a goer!

Quothes from the menu:

Pappardelle with mussels 890 rubles

Mussles Tom-Yam 800 rubles / 500g

Mussles Marinara 600 rubles / 500g

Salmon with sweet potatoe puree 1050 rubles

Address: Bol'shoy Kozikhinskiy pereulok 19/6

Metro: Pushkinskaya / Mayakovskaya

Phone: +7 495 297-22-22

Picture source: Mollusca Facebook