Bringing the ocean to the table

Created by an oyster lover for all oyster lovers, Evgeny Meshcheryakov’s unique project Umi Oysters Bistro is a Japanese inspired seafood bar, offering a rotating selection of freshest oysters and seafood from Japan.

Umi means “sea” in Japanese.

The Japanese oysters are the main actors of the project.

Now there are 16 kinds in the menu, including the tenderest Sima, Tanaka, Uramura and Kumamoto. For the future it is planned to increase the number of varieties to 30.

There will also be seasonal grilled lobster, fish and other seafood selections, varying by the natural seafood seasons.

You never knew that a bowl of oysters could be so filling or delicious as the ones they serve at Umi Oysters.

This place stands for the highest quality.

Everything they piece is handpicked by their buyers on the famed Tokyo fish market Tsukidzi, delivered with utmost speed of 12 hours after the plane leaves Tokyo and expertly made into wonderful creations.

Come on in and check out their fresh seafood and oysters at the central market in Rozhdestvensky.

Umi Oysters brings the ocean to your table.

Quotes from the menu:

Oysters, 360-590 rubles for 1 piece

Salmon sashimi, 670 rubles

Burger with crab and shrimps, 1640 rubles

Address: Rozhdestvensky Blvd. at the Central market

Metro: Trubnaya

Phone: +7 925 460-35-01

Picture source: Umi Oysters facebook