Mouthwatering Chinese Cuisine with the emphasis on quality

Arkady Novikov’s new Chinese restaurant Kitayskaya Zabegalovka, opened in November and is situated in the territory of the Badayevsky plant.

Stepping into Kitayskaya Zabegalovka, which means Chinese eatery, is like stepping into a small Chinese snack bar in a noisy street in the heart of Beijing - ironically of course! Colorful waxed tablecloths and painting on the walls in combination with small Chinese lamps and pieces of flea markets, brings the Beijing flair to Moscow

China’s rich culinary landscape is reflected throughout the menu of Likuy Chzhan (Turandot», GQ Bar, «Nedal'niy Vostok), who moved to Moscow after 15 years of gastronomic experience in China, presenting a range of influences from the food and flavours found across many of the contrasting Chinese cities.

At this place you can enjoy traditional Peking Duck which is pre-marinated and hung up for three days, pork ribs and ears or Dim sums served in ten different variations if you're looking for a light bite to eat. There is a wide range of Chinese teas, variations of classic Chinese-style cocktails and of course much more.

Some quotes from the menu:

- Salad with Kenyan beans and squid 350 rubles

- Soup with carp and cabbage 330 rubles

- Spring roll with duck 330 rubles

- Beef with black pepper 480 rubles

- Dim Sum Shanghai, 650 rubles

- Egg noodles with lamb, 440 rubles

Address: Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 12 с1

Metro: Kievskaya

Phone: +7 495 803-33-04

Picture source: Novikov Group