The high heat meat in a unique, tasty experience

One of the newest restaurants on Moscow gastronomic sky is 800°С Contemporary Steak from the il Frorno Group.

Located in a two-storeyed building in Bol'shoy Patriarshy Pereulok, this new meat temple just opened recently.

Sergey Balashov (Burger & Pizzetta) who passed a training within three months in the restaurant Beefbar in Monaco under the leadership of Thierry Paludetto, is the chef of this new project.

Man is a connoisseur. We always appreciate the culinary delights.

But in times when the world is turning and changing faster and faster, you always have to offer your guests something new.

The 800°С Contemporary Steak restaurant offers a specialised „800 degrees“ oven, which is the first of its kind in Moscow.

This oven reaches in a very short time the incredible temperature of 800 ° Celsius / 1500 Fahrenheit.

Due to the exceptionally high temperature caramelizes the emerging fat, flavour carrier, on the surface and closes the meat immediately.Under this crust, the juice remains in the steak.

A taste that can not be described.

So try and judge for yourself because a good steak is worth a thousand words. The love for cooking and the use of high-quality products make the 800°С Contemporary Steak restaurant one of the top address for meat connoisseurs in the region.

Address: Bol'shoy Patriarshiy Pereulok, 6, стр. 1

Metro: Pushkinskaya

Phone: +7 499 769-33-33


Picture source: 800 C Contemporary Steak Facebook & Instagram