Seafood for every day

Fancy crabs?

This and much more can be found in Arkady Novikov's new restaurant Crabber in Moscow City.

Crabber aspire to be the very best in what they do: delivering the finest seafood and the freshest crabs to your plate.

This place believes simplicity is key and let the food speak for itself.

With freshly caught crabs and seafood, they understand the importance of provenance and quality.

Down-to-earth, rustic and humble, their new popular signature dishes are complemented by a range of bites, salads and desserts.

Take a seat at Arkady Novikov’s Crabber restaurants.


Tower on the Embankment

Presnenskaya Nab. 10

MMDTs "Moscow City"

Metro: Vystavochnaya

Phone: +7 495 739-69-81

Picture source: Crabber Facebook