These Moscow vegan / vegetarian spots are all about the freshest ingredients.

Feel the love in every meatless bite.

While being vegan has become a trendy identifier in the last few years, the local Moscow vegan restaurant scene actually has the chops to back up the goods.

Thanks to Russia’s and its neighboring countries climate and varying landscapes, harvesting tasty, healthy fruits and vegetables are a slam dunk, as proven by the colourful arrays at the markets, and diners get to reap the benefits. These vegan and vegetarian hotspots are here to help make Moscow a more vegan-friendly city.

Ugol – The organic cafe

Opened beginning of 2017, Ugol is the newest addition for all supporter of the vegan and vegetarian diet.

Located on Starovagankovskiy pereulok, this organic cafe feels like a secret vegetarian hideaway.

The cozy, welcoming restaurant overflows with fresh ingredients which celebrates different cuisines of this world: delicious seitan vegan burger, pizzas and other delicious dishes.

Address: Starovagankovskiy pereulok 19с3

Metro: Arbatskaya / Borovitskaya

Phone: +7 968 702-30-99

RA FAMILY – The raw-vegan paradise

Located at the RA fitness center near the Mayakovskaya metro station, RA Family is the second branch of St Petersburg's raw food restaurant.

The menu is very varied and includes raw variations on pizza and pasta, burgers, falafels and soups. Going to RA Family restaurant you will discover so many creative presentations and ways on how to use raw ingredients.

We can highly recommend this place for all who eat raw food and maybe want special foodie experience.

Address: Trekhprudnyy Pereulok, 11/13с2

Metro: Mayakovskaya / Pushkinskaya

Phone: +7 495 142-39-22

Cafe KM20

Located inside a clothing store in the historical center of Moscow, this seasonal and organic oriented restaurant is an ideal place for those who lead healthy lifestyle.

Restaurant KM20 is vegetarian but also vegan friendly, and you will also find a variety of gluten-free options in the menu and they also do not add any refined sugar to their desserts, so you can treat yourself without feeling guilty.

But the menu has dishes not only for vegeterians, but also for those who dilute their diet, for example, fish. Some products are brought from their own farm, strictly observing the principles of seasonality.

The various menu offers only dishes from seasonal and local products, all mineral and vitamin rich.

The food at Cafe KM20 will not leave anyone uninspired, vegan or not.

Address: Stoleshnikov Pereulok 2

Metro: Teatralnaya / Pushkinskaya

Phone: +7 495 623-78-88