The most unusual places to stay in Africa

For many travelers, hotels are not just a place of rest and a simple place to stay - sometimes it can not be enough crazy or unique enough.

Africa has a lot more to offer than just hotels to start a safari from.

There are incredibly funky hotels worldwide.

Tourists can stay in discarded airplanes, oversized dogs or cranes and giant donuts.

In Africa too!

Not infrequently, caves, well-known film locations or simply the animals of the environment are included in the hotel's world of experience - to offer the guest the most unique stay possible.

That can be crazy and bizarre.

Moscow goes out introduces five hotels on the African continent that are unlikely to be found anywhere else in the world!

The Segera Retreat - Bird's nest with a view

Boasting striking architecture and a distinctive sense of style, Segera Retreat is a stunning property in the Laikipia Plateau in Kenya on the east coast of Africa.

The French architect Daniel Pouzet has brought his inspiration directly from nature and designed a hotel in the form of a bird's nest.

Huge branches decorate the circular building and turn the roof terrace into an observation deck that offers visitors a 360 ° view.

The bedroom is inside this wood structure but if you want, you can also sleep in the open air in the middle of the oversized bird's nest.

Fusing absolute luxury with environmentally friendly technology, Segera Retreat is a splash of green in a golden savannah.

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Giraffe Manor - Breakfast with giraffes

Giraffe Manor is an exclusive boutique hotel set in 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest on the outskirts of Kenya's capital, Nairobi.

You do not have to go on safari to see exotic animals up close.

In the Giraffe Manor Hotel as the name already suggests, come the giraffes to the visitors – even up to the hotel room.

It is a herd of Rothschild giraffes that roam land on which the hotel stands. So it can happen that a giraffe is poking their long necks into the windows in the hope of a treat.

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Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve – Sleeping like a cavemen

In the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve in South Africa, there are even several ways to descend in a non-traditional way.

On the one hand, there are "cave suites", which were incorporated into the sandstone. On the other hand, you can book the so-called "star suite", which means nothing more than a bed under the stars.

Several miles away from the hotel's main building, there are suites surrounded by nature - including an outdoor shower and bath.

On the homepage is explicitly pointed out to think of warm clothes - and the stay is of course only possible if the weather plays along.

The cave suites, on the other hand, are covered and more like a conventional hotel room.

What both accommodations do not have: a telephone connection or mobile network!

Digital Detox! You are alone with yourself, your companion and the nature.

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Kasbah Du Toubkal - High in the mountains

To get to the hotel Kasbah Du Toubkal (1820m), you must first find the way to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

It is the number one property of choice for comfortable hotel accommodation in the village of Imlil.

On request mules can carry the luggage up to the top.

There you can find rooms, overlooking the highest mountain in Morocco, the Jbel Toubkal (4167 meters).

The hotel attracts mainly with hiking, silence, seclusion - but also with being the first "mountain retreat", in North Africa.

It is the idyllic image of the hotel nestled in the mountains and close to Marrakech (60 kilometers away), which is supposed to make the accommodation attractive for tourists.

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Santos Express Train Lodge – Train on the beach

If you are looking for a vacation to bloff off the steam you have dammed, then Santos Express Train Lodge - simply known as "The Train" by locals, is just what you are looking for!

Situated at Blue Flag Santos Beach, Mossel Bay in the heart of the famous Garden Route of South Africa, enjoy the unique and romantic experience of staying on a real train only 30 metres from the sea on the Indian Ocean side of Cape Town.

If you've never been to a train hotel, buckle in for a wonderful surprise.

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