Without conventions

Let's is a new restaurant in the centre of the Russian capital with a modern look at the gastronomic culture.

The concept is build around popular world recipes which becomes reinterpreted to the taste of a metropolitan.

The chef of this new restaurant is Vitaly Laptinov, who was in the past responsible for the well-being of the first person of the country - for Vladimir Putin.

Vitali knows how to make every plate unique and where to find the best products in the town.

His philosophy is to emphasize the freshness, simplicity and natural taste of local products and to create uncommon gastronomic combinations. For example, risotto combined with young carrots and cream from beets, camembert is baked in Japanese breadcrumbs with apricots and cherries in caramel.

To preserve the naturalness of the products, the chef prepares most of the dishes at low temperatures and does not violate the original structure.

Salmon steak and filet minion are cooked for 3-4 hours at a temperature of 57 degrees.

Everyone will find his dish - from oysters, served both raw or baked, octopus with seaweed or other seafood, to pasta and steaks.

Friday and Saturday evenings are accompanied by resident Dj’s of the Russian capital.

Address: Malaya Sukharevskaya Square 8

Metro: Sukharevskaya

Phone: +7 495 607 11 22

Picture source: Let's Facebook

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