The seafood bistro

All who have travelled around France know that there are many bistros (small, reasonably priced eateries) which serve a variety of fresh seafood dishes, and are always full of local gourmets.

Bébé de la Mer, which means baby from the sea, is a bistro-style restaurant, located on Petrovka, where everyone can relax and enjoy a cheerful time together.

Bébé de la Mer is the second restaurant of Shell, Yes! owner Lera Golovanova.

This new restaurant offers an array of dishes, bringing out the most delicious essence of seafood cuisine, by only using products that come from sustainable sources to ensure that the fish and seafood you receive is of the highest quality.

With fresh seafood delivered daily and prepared for each order, you are guaranteed of tasty and delicious offerings.

Bébé de la Mer offers around 20 seats, but the small space creates a feeling as if you have come on a visit, and imitates the atmosphere of family restaurants of some southern coastal town in France.

Some quotes of the menu:

Clam spaghetti (800 rubles), octopus with potatoes and tomatoes (1650 rubles) and fresh fish around (350 rubles / 100 gram)

Please note that the prices in this restaurant are slightly higher due to the freshness of the products.

Adress: Petrovka, 30/7

Metro: Trubnaya

Phone: +7 985 435-77-77

Picture source: Bébé de la mer Facebook