Frech, simple, delicious

The legendary Japanese chef Seiji Kusano did it again and opened the new sushi bar Seiji in the Danilovsky market.

Specialising mainly in sushi, sashimi and snacks, Seiji sushi bars menu can be summed up in three words: fresh, simple and delicious.

True sushi aficionados will appreciate freshness found in the selection of fish and the outstanding quality of products which are flown in from Japan twice a week.

All of the dishes will be made to order at the small counter by the bar’s team of experienced sushi chefs, right in front of your very eyes.

Prices are very moderate and you get most of the sushis 150 rubles and sashimi starts at 360 rubles.

A special pride of the menu are the dishes from the rare bluefin tuna.

Avarage check: 500-1000 rubles

Address: Mytnaya ulitsa 74

Metro: Tulskaya

Picture source: Seiji Facebook & Instagram