Opening and Closing News

In this great culinary city of Moscow, barely a day passes without news of an exciting restaurant opening, a closing or an absolute must-try dish! That’s why we’re keeping you informed of the industry’s most noteworthy bits and bites and guide from a pop-up project with the biggest terrace of the area from Co-owners of restaurants Ugolek, PINCH, "Northerners", "Milk" and boutique hotel MOSS , to the hottest dog in town who has shutted its doors.


POP-UP RESTAURANT & BAR LETO ON PATRIKAH: At Patriarchal ponds, a new pop-up restaurant and bar project has opened doors until October 1st – „Leto (summer) on Patrikah“ with the biggest terrace of the area.

From light bites to dishes on the grill, the menue offers a mix of different styles.


RYBTORG: Moscow's new place on Patriarchal ponds selling and serving the finest fish, shellfish and seasonal game. Here you can buy and try many different kinds of seafood: Far Eastern crabs, Japanese oysters or yellowfin tuna. A place for a seafood-loving community!


CRAFT KITCHEN: Craft Kitchen is a laid-back, friendly gastropub with an eclectic selection of beer and they pride themselves on their gastronomic traditions from around the world. The concept of this place – there is something for every taste and if there is a lot of food, then there is even more beer!



Шампанерия Sparkling Dog: The hottest dog in town has shutted its doors!

RESTAURANT "SCHOOL 0,75L": Closed its doors.