Moscow’s slice of "Napoli".

BRO&N Pizzeria just opened recently and is the newest addition of Arkady Novikov restaurants.

Located in the most fashionable area of Moscow on Malaya Bronnaya, this place offers the perfect Italian formula:

Simpel and clear classic Italian dishes (such as Burrata with tomatoes and basil 650 rub., Nocchi with cheese sauce 450 rub. or Ossobuko with green peas 990 rub. ), a huge choice of pizzas (from Margarita 450 rub. to prosciutto with arugula and parmesan 600 rub.) - Made by Italians!

Chef Mirko Zago and his team will be happy to feed everyone, from students to VIPs, with the authentic taste of Naples, according to the motto “quality and quantity at honest prices”.

In fact pizzerias are not a sort of second-class restaurant, but a place where everyone gets treated in the same way and standards should be kept as high as possible with the desire to improve them all the time.

The pizza served at BRO&N, is probably very close to the pizza you can eat on the streets of Naples by using similar ingredients but having their own cooking method.

In addition everything is complemented by the experienced hands of the master Pizza chef Leonardo Trappolin.

His pizza crust is divinely light and airy, in the Neapolitan fashion.

The only things keeping the weightless Margherita from levitating above the table are its tomato sauce and dreamy mozzarella.

In addition, the cheese, which is offered at BRO&N comes from an own cheese dairy.

Come and try a piece of probably Moscow's best pizza!

Address: Ulitsa Malaya Bronnaya 27/14

Metro: Mayakovskaya

Phone: +7495 650 00-50

Picture source: BRO&N Facebook