Moscow's first choice for a freshly cleaned, shiny home!

Do you know that feeling?

During the week you’re busy in the office and when you come home the household and the laundry is waiting for you!!!

It happened to me every week before I knew Shiny.

Don't spend your free time on things like cleaning - we have the perfect solution for you!

Today I would like to introduce you a great new on-demand home cleaning platform from my Swiss friend Dimitrij and his partner Cyrill from Paris and write about my personal experience with Shiny.

Shiny makes it possible to book your English or Russian speaking professional and trusted home cleaner in Moscow from 1260 rubles – Secure payment guaranteed.

I first tried Shiny a few weeks ago and was initially somewhat skeptical whether this online on-demand service keeps what it promises?

Since I still do not speak the best Russian, I have ordered via Shiny an English-speaking cleaning lady.

I had a great experience with Shiny, that is a consistent, effective and cost-efficient company that covers all areas in Moscow.

Now, I just love it when I come home after a long day of work and finding my apartment spotless and the clothes ironed.

Their professional cleaning service is of the highest quality, delivered by a team of experts and experienced cleaners.

In my experience it's best to hire a cleaning agency to sweep your property instead of searching for a trustworthy cleaner nearby.

And the reviews left on their website by the clients are testimonial to their excellent reputation.

From top to bottom cleaning at a good price and with French art-de-vivre and the Swiss accuracy in their DNA, Shiny will revolutionize your home cleaning standards!

With a 60 second booking process, secure payment, and professional service providers, Shiny is the easiest, most convenient way to book home services in Moscow.


Get additional % when you use Shiny more often!

You're just a click away from a shiny home...

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