Not just another Moscow burger restaurant and beer bar!

The brand new Volch'ya Staya / Wolf Pack Bar on Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, where restaurateur Sergey Gasparov and the team of Burger Heroes is proud to offer their three prime ingredients for their new celebrated recipe: set of bar tastings, great burgers in an exceptional ambience.

A contemporary take on the classic neighborhood bar and eatery, Volch'ya Staya / Wolf Pack Bar sheds its spotlight on their collection of premium beer, well selected wines and tastings alongside their prime burgers to moderate prices.

On the menu you’ll also find the well know burgers "Black mamba" or the author's espionage cheeseburger "Agent 007“ for around 300 rubles.

This place lives up to its definition of being a meeting place but exceeds all of its guests’ expectations by bringing sustainably and locally sourced ingredients paired with an industrial, raw edginess.

Particularly suited to Moscow’s personality, Muscovites now have a place where they can satiate their comfort food cravings as well as their ideological inclinations.

Address: Myasnitskaya Ulitsa 38, p.1

Metro: Chistye Prudy

Phone: +7 919 108 34-88


Picture source: wolfspack_bar Instagram