Arkady Novikov's new meat temple

Mad on meat?

Then this restaurant is the right place for you.

Just recently Arkady Novikov’s new meat temple “Bok” opened on Petrovka Ulitsa, in the locality of the former restaurant Roni.

Bok boasts great value domestic prime steaks, which age right after slaughter for 21 days in a special fermentative camera, to develop tenderness and flavour.

You can choose from a selection of 15 types of stakes of a dry exposure such as Tomahawk (950 rubles), filet mignon (1700 rubles) or Chateaubriand (2200 rubles).

If steak isn’t your thing, there is plenty more to feast on with a menu created by young Sergey Kondakov (Chips & Tatler Club), including lamb carpaccio with green pepper (580 rubles), bull tail with baked eggplants on coal (1500 rubles) or a juicy rack of lamb (890 rubles).

Nikifor Averin is responsible for the well selected wine list.

The emphasis was put on "New World" wines and picked up a wide palette of red wines which continue the direction set by kitchen.

Guests can select from popular line items such as the Australian Shiraz or Chablis or give preference to special and unexpected wines, for example the Friulano from North of Italy.

You can be sure, Novikov’s restaurants always stand for quality and innovation.

Address: Petrovka Ulitsa 20/1

Metro: Trubnaya or Kuznetsky Most

Phone: +7 495) 625 26-06

Picture source: Bok Facebook