The panoramic Chinese

Located on the 24th floor of the Holiday Inn Hotel Sokolniki, the breathtaking view from this new panoramic Chinese restaurant is the perfect accompaniment to your delicious meal.

In Moscow are many notable Chinese restaurants, but none with such a picture-perfect vista.

The glassy main room is a serene space in which to dine, but also warm and welcoming, helped along by the emollient nature of the staff.

Hong Kong is a melting pot of cultures and different nationalities.

The cuisine is mainly influenced by Cantonese, British and other Western cuisines as well as the cuisines of Japan and Southeast Asia.

That’s why Hong Kong is often called „Gourmet Paradise or World's Fair of Food“

At restaurant Hong Kong, Dmitry Shurshakov who heads the kitchen and his Chinese chefs are responsable for the perfect fusion of the different culinary cultures.

The menu includes dishes such as wok fried cod with pak choi 590 rubles, green papaya salad with egg 380 rubles or fried tofu Szechuan style with marinated vegetables 380 rubles and many other delicacies.

Hong Kong can also score with the bar, where chief-barman Vasiliy Zheglov (Dukhless”, Black Thai) proffers tasty cocktails.

At restaurant Hong Kong you get the most popular tastes of Asia.

Address: 24 Rusakovskaya - Hotel Holiday Inn 24th floor

Metro: Sokolniki

Phone: +7 495 544-55-50

Picture source: Hong Kong Facebook