Elegant Mediterranean dining at Patriarchy pond

Restaurant Butler, one of Ginza Project newest places is an elegant Italian / Mediterranean restaurant with focus on Sicilian dishes, which has recently opened in a two-storeyed mansion at bustling Patriarchy ponds.

At Butler quality comes first.

The menu of chef Giuseppe Davi who has worked with some Michelin star restaurants in the world such as La Fenice, 1 Michelin star and La Madia, 2 Michelin stars and who headed seven years the kitchen of legendary Semifreddo in Moscow, embraces the native approach to food – take the best ingredients, allow that quality to shine through and present them attractive.

With the finest organic ingredients to go with their Sicilian dishes, be prepared for a traditionally mouthwatering Italian experience from beginning to end.

The cuisine of Butler is simple, it’s rich and refined, full of Mediterranean elements that enhance the natural flavour of their dishes with no distortions.

Start for example with a carpaccio from red Sicilian shrimps with citrus sauce (780 rubles), followed by one of the 7 delicious warm main courses, such as the baked kid with orange sauce (1570 rubles) and finish with a sweet sin - white chocolate sphere with meringue, raspberry sauce, corn flakes and sorbet from wild berries (680 rubles).

Give yourself up to the sensual pleasures of a special feast at restaurant.Butler.

Address: Trekhprudny pereulok 15

Phone: +7 495 150-45-86

Metro: Tverskaya / Mayakovskaya

Picture source: Butler Facebook