Aloha Moscow

Following the success of Bao + Bar, Timur Abuzyarov and Roman Vorotnikov, opened their new promising baby Fishop at GastroFerma near Bauman metro station.

Fishop is a restaurant based on super tasty Hawaiian and Asian fish and seafood dishes.

Some quotes from the menu are oysters from New Zealand or Japan (350/370 rubles) Shrimps Magadan, 500/800 g (990/1490 rub), Greenland halibut, 300 g (990 rub) and many more.

But the main star of the restaurant - Ahi Poke!

It was only a matter of time until the first Poké Bowls will appear in the Russian capital!

The traditional Hawaiian dish is just sweeping the perfect “food trend wave” and delights healthy food lovers around the globe.

In Hawaii, poke is a salad of cubed raw fish, seasoned any way you want it.

Poke is pretty simple to make but the ingredients are what really matter!

While it may seem like a new trend here, this simple and addictive Hawaiian dish has been around for centuries.

It’s basically Hawaii’s favorite food and for good reason: Poke is healthy, delicious and totally unique.

So come and get your Ahi Poke!

Address: GastroFerma, Nizhnyaya Krasnosel'skaya 35s.59

Metro: Bauman

Phone: +7 499 347 90-01

Picture source: Fishop Facebook