The Vegan food gastronomy

Mox green gastronomy is a small vegan food corner located on Danilovsky Market, where sustainable and healthy food that is naturally good for you is provided.

They serve the best quality Vegan food from different countries and by embracing seasonal eating and enjoying locally grown produce, they feel inspired to create new delicious, nourishing meals.

Mox is passionate about the impact of the meat industry on the planet, humans and animals that give their lives.

Their objective is to inspire and enlighten each and every customer with their diverse food.

Mox strongly believe that it is possible to live a full, healthy and rich life without animal products.

This Vegan spot serves customers the highest possible vegan and organic quality possible at reasonable prices.

A must try, the gluten free vegan sushi bagel with baba ganoush, cilantro pesto, and sriracha chili mayonnaise.

Mox also cater with their food truck at festivals and other occasions across Moscow.

Address: Danilovsky market, Mytnaya 74

Metro: Tul’skaya

Phone: +7 916 814 31-80

Picture source: Mox Facebook