Соседи /SOSEDI

A slice of nostalgia paired with good wines

Соседи /Sosedi, which means neighbors, is a new place where the experience is all about nostalgia rather than fine dining.

The cuisine is made up of a collection of dishes from the traditional Soviet cuisine (but not only) particular breakfasts and desserts, with chef Ilya Lustin making a decent attempt at getting the best of them on the menu.

There are traditional dishes such as pancakes with sour cream for

190 rubles or herring with beetroot mousse for 350 rubles.

The Soviet cuisine, was formed by the integration of the various national cuisines of the Soviet Union, in the course of the formation of the Soviet people.

It is characterized by a limited number of ingredients and simplified cooking.

The restaurant does have one innovation that did not exist in Soviet times, an extensive wine list.

Address: 14/2 Komsomolsky Prospekt

Metro: Park Kultury

Phone: +7 499 245 49-32


Picture source: Sosedi Facebook