Moscow's stylish patty

Yes, the omnipresence of burgers in Moscow is getting a little overbearing and yes, we've seen about every permutation of them by this point - but this does nothing to tarnish their inherent deliciousness, hmmmm!

Here’s Moscow's newest patty!

Patties might rule the menu here, but the experience of dining at Ketch Up is closer to that of an urbane modern restaurant than a burger bar.

The interior is chic and intimate, the glow of fashionable hanging ceiling light and green plants soften the wooden modern furniture to create a stylish mood.

It's mostly about the burgers at this Moscow venue and the fact that this place is turning into a fashionable bar in the evenings, looks like a varied range of both.

Prime Russian and South Amarican beef is used in the burgers, and the range of combinations is lengthy and innovative.

Cooked to tender perfection, they’re served on floury brioche, with generous sides of potato frites or fried onion rings.

Alternatives include burgers made with fish, chicken, lamb and even crab or vegetarian, as well as several other great dishes.

Pricing is very reasonable considering the premium ingredients and restaurant-standard cooking.

Ketch up Burgers is currently 3 times in St. Petersburg represented and has now opened its first location on Kuznetsky Most.

Address: Kuznetsky Most 6/3

Metro: Kuznetsky Most

Phone: +7 499 755-56-65

Picture source: Ketch Up Moscow Instagram